1200W EV(Electric Vehicle) Battery Charger for Lithium Phosphate and Lithium-ion (NCM) Batteries(SPEVCH-5422)

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1. Charge Voltage 54V+/-0.5V, Charge Current 22A
2. Sutaible for 13 Series/48V NMC or 15 Series/48V LFP Battery Pack

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SPARKEL Lithium Battery Charger is an SMPS type battery charger optimized for charging LFP or NCM or NCA chemistry Li-Ion battery packs for Light E-Vehicle application. Various models are available in this series for charging 13-Cell-Series to 24-Cell-Series Lithium Battery packs.




  • Charging Current and Voltage profile optimized for LFP or NCM or NCA chemistry battery packs for Light E-Vehicle Can be customized for other Li-Ion chemistry such as LTO also.
  • Intelligent algorithm to detect battery BMS disconnection and auto-adjustment of CC-CV settings to maximize charge return and enhance cell
  • High Efficiency of more than 90% – lower electricity consumption and less heat
  • Active Power Factor Correction with very low THD to reduce electricity
  • High charging current even at low mains voltages for faster
  • Electronic Reverse Battery Protection – enhanced safety and avoid inconvenient fuse replacement in case of accidental reverse
  • Informative Battery Bar Graph and Mains indication along with audio
  • Compact size for easy
  • Rugged metal


Operation Procedure:

Connect the Charger to Battery first using the Battery Connector cable. Apply mains power using a 16A rated mains socket. The charger will blink all five indications once and a characteristic beep sound at power-up, the Green mains indication will become steady and the charger will start charging. The Battery Bar Indications will start animating up-down with the current increasing gradually. Ensure the charger is kept in a well-ventilated area and the ventilation slots on the charger must be un-obstructed for airflow. As the charging current increases, the charger turns on the internal cooling fan and turns off the fan once the current goes down or the internal temperature falls. Once the battery voltage reaches the set voltage and the current falls to a pre-defined level, the Battery Bar Indications become steady. The battery is almost fully charged at this instant and can be disconnected and used for backup. However, the charger continues to charge the battery for some more time till the battery draws less than 5% of the CC current. Once the battery is fully charged the charger stops and gives a characteristic beep sound while the Battery Bar indication steady on.

Additional information

Model No


Battery Pack Type

13S NCM/ 15S LFP

Max Charging Voltage


Max charging Current


Charge Profile

CC – CV With Charge Termination Timer Current

Mains Operating Range

150±10VAC – 280±VAC

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