400W EV(Electric Vehicle) Battery Charger for Lithium Phosphate and Lithium-ion (NCM) Batteries(SPEVCH-6705)

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  1. Charge Voltage 67V+/-0.5V, Charge Current 5A.
  2. Suitable for 16 Series/59.2V NMC or 18 Series/57.6V LFP Battery Pack.
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Product Manual : Download product data sheet to know electrical parameters

  • This product is an SMPS type 2-Wheeler E-Vehicle battery charger optimized for charging various Lithium chemistry like LFP, NCM, or NCA battery packs. High Efficiency to reduce Power Consumption from Mains. Electronic Reverse Battery or Output Short Protection – enhanced safety. Informative Battery Bar Graph and Mains indication along with audio alarms. Rugged extruded aluminum enclosure.
  1. 400W E-Vehicle Lithium Battery Charger Manufactured and Design in India for Lithium phosphate and Lithium-ion (NCM) Batteries.
  2. Informative Battery Bar Graph and Mains indication along with audio alarms.
    Compatible with Lithium batteries- LFP, NCM, or NCA. For LFP 19 Cell Series (60.2V), For NCM 16 Cell Series (59.1V).
  3. Rating- Power: 400W, Max Output Voltage: 67.0V and Max Charging Current: 5A.
  4. Applications: 2/3 wheeler E-Vehicle lithium battery charger.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 7 cm
Model No


Battery Pack Type

16S NCM/ 19S LFP

Max Charging Voltage


Max charging Current


Charge Profile

CC – CV With Charge Termination Timer Current

Mains Operating Range

150±10VAC – 280±VAC

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