Battery capacity display with 2 buttons(SPSBC-Display2)

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  1. The Programmable display is compatible with all battery types.
  2. User modes can be set as per requirement.
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  • Longer service life with Touch switch button. Voltage Range: 8-70V Material: Plastic.
  • The product is suitable for lead-acid, Lithium, and LiFePO4 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V (8-70V).
  • Power percentage and voltage are displayed in turn recurrently and automatically.
  • Note: Read the description carefully before using it, as the device needs to be configured first.


Setting procedure:

  1. Disconnect the module power supply, press, and hold the setting button until powering the power module. The Display shows the current power setting parameters;
  2. Press the setting button to select P / L / F ,(P = 12V lead-acid, L = 3.7V lithium battery, F = 3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery);
  3. Press the function key to set the number of the battery string, according to the function keys and set the key up or down to choose the number of batteries in series;
  4. Press the function key for a long time to enter the advanced setting interface, use the setting key to select S1-S5, enter key to select or cancel the current mode;
  5. Reenergize the power after setting. The power automatically saves setting data. E.g. 10 lithium battery power, turn on power percentage and voltage automatic rotation display (S1 mode) Operation: Disconnect display module power, press and hold the setting button, power the power module, press the setting button for a short time to select L, press the function key to select 10, press the function key for a long time to select S1 and re-power.
  • S1:%/V Rotate display in 2s Power percentage and voltage are displayed in turn recurrently and automatically;
  • S2:Inactivity sleep in 10s Automatically sleep after battery capacity display for 10 s, save power, press the function key to wake up power display for 10 seconds;
  • S3:Turn on backlight Power display turns on or off power backlight;
  • S4:Show logo(Applicable to small battery icon) Logo icon is located in the under face of battery symbol on the left side of LCD, turn on and show the logo;
  • S5:Discharge mode selection Power displays two kinds of the battery discharge curve, different environments convert to select appropriate battery discharge modes.


2 in 1 Dual Function

A device that is capable to test not only battery capacity but also the battery voltage.

This battery monitor can tolerate the widest working voltage range. Can be adjusted to 12V, 34V, 36V, 48V according to the battery voltage. Powered by a tested circuit, don’t need an extra power source.





The battery detector is suitable for lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, such as Ternary lithium batteries, polymer batteries, lithium-ion batteries, storage batteries.









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