45W solar mini UPS with inbuilt 12.8V 6Ah Lithium LFP battery(UP-45BL)

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1. 12V & 230V AC (Mains Mode) 230V DC (UPS Mode), Max. Solar Panel Size: 25W, 1A Mains Charger 2. Battery Charging thorugh Mains & Solar, Inbuilt 3W LED Light


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1.Rated Capacity: 45W DC Only. Kindly check Product Description Section for detailed specifications. Unit is Supplied with A Grade 12.8V 6Ah Life PO4 Rechargeable Battery.
2.75 Watt-Hour maintenances free & long life LiFePO4 lithium battery for backup up to 8-20 Hours.
3.Main Unit is available with on board solar charging options & also with 3W LED Light on Body of Main Unit.
4.Typical charging time: 3-4 Hours through mains & 4-6 Hours through solar (with 10W/20W Solar Panel is not provided with unit). Approximate Run Time: 7-8 hours with 12V 9W LED Bulb. 3-4 hours with 12V 9W LED Bulb & on Board 7W 230V LED Bulb (Bulbs are not provided with unit).

Key benefits of Inverter are:

LED or CFL bulbs that you normally use in your house work fine with the system.
Also, you do not require any special DC charger to charge your cellphones. With UP-45BL, your normal mobile charger will do the work for you.
You can charge it with both Mains and Solar.
Gives output for 230V AC and 12V DC devices


Home indoor lighting. Example, living room, kitchen, bathroom.
Home outdoor lighting. Example, porch, pathway
Stall or shop lighting at night marketplaces
Outdoor emergency lighting
Charging mobile, tablet, power bank

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 12 cm
Battery Type

12.8V 6Ah LiFePO4

Battery Size in Watthours


Battery Life Cycles

1500 Cycles or 3 Years*

Max Capacity (Load Output)

45 Watts

Output Voltage

220V AC (Mains Mode) / 220V DC (UPS Mode)

Conectors/Pins On Product

Mains Cord, Charging In Solar, 12V DC Out, 230V Sockets

Battery Charging Options

Mains & Solar

Rating of Mains Charger


RatingType of Solar Charger


Rating Type of Car Charger


Max Solar OCV


Max Solar Panel Watts


Solar Panel Type

12V or 36 Cell Only

USB Port


Bulbs Wattage



Mains On, UPS On, Battery Low, Overload

Always connected to Mains


Run Time

4 to 6 Hours (1 Bulb + Front Lights)


Battery Over Charge, Battery Low Voltage Disconnect

Bulb Cord Length


Extra Features

Handle, Inbuilt 6W Lights on Front Side. Zero Transfer Time, Dual Output of 220V & 12V Available. Wall Mount Option


Home Lighting, Mobile Charging, 12V Wifi Router/Modem UPS


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