24V 30A DC-DC Battery Charger (SPDCDC-2430) for RV’s, commercial vehicles, boats, yachts, etc

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1. Compatible Multiple Battery Types.
2. Smart 3-stage Charging
3. Various Protections For Ultra Safety
4.Protect Your Starter Battery
5. Reliable Quality, compact and robust suitable for all conditions.

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1. Compatible with a multitude of alternator types, the DC-DC battery charger offers correct charging for AGM, Flooded, Gel, and Lithium batteries.
2. The DC-DC battery charger will charge your house batteries from the starter battery by 3-stage charging (Bulk, Boost, and Float), to make sure it optimally and automatically charge to 100%.
3. Offers Over-voltage Protection, Over-temperature Protection, and Reverse Polarity Protection to ensure the operation safety. It also isolates the input and output to prevent voltage transmission errors and interfere with house battery charging.
4. The DC-DC battery charger is capable of identifying whether the generator is started, to prevent over-discharge of the starting battery and protect the generator.
5. The compact and robust design makes it suitable for all conditions.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 315 × 175 × 70 cm
Model No


Charger Type

12V DC – 24V DC



Nominal Input Voltage

12V DC

Input Voltage Range

11 – 16V DC

Rated Charging Current


Charging Voltage Range

13.2 V – 14.7 V (Depending on DIP Switch)

Max Rated Output Power


Low Current Mode


Standby Current


Residual Ripple of Output Voltage at rated current

<= 50 mV



Application Battery

Lead Acid battery, lithium battery, GEL, AGM


RV's, commercial vehicles, boats, yachts and many more application


overload, short circuit, etc

Package Size in mm

315 X 175 X 70

Package Weight in Kgs


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