24V 6A SMPS Adapter(SPSMPS-24V6A)

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24V 6A Power Supply Transformer Switch, AC/DC Switching Adapter Converter Driver for LED Strip Light/CCTV Camera/Security System/Radio/Computer Project and More

  • Converts AC voltage to 24V DC. LED Indicator.
  • Output Current 20 Amp, Power 480 Watt. Efficiency is more than 80%.
  • Smart device surge protection for Shortage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection
  • Widely used in 3D Printer, Industrial automation, LED display, communications, CNC Stepper, etc
  • Switching Power Supply Driver for LED Strip Light, CCTV Surveillance, Industrial Automation, CNC Stepper/Servo System, LED Decorative Lighting, LED Display, Stage Lighting, Communications, Network, etc.

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