27W Foldable Solar Panel with 2 Fold along with 2 Port USB Charger & DC Out (SPSP-27FPUSB)

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1. Foldable solar panels are sleek, glass-free and can be carried anywhere easily to generate solar power anywhere, anytime.
2. Can be stored for extended periods of time and are easily deployed when solar power is required during outdoor excursions, vacations or during emergency backup power
3. Due to its ultra light weight, these are easier to be placed on car bonnet, awning, hung on tree, backpack or lay flat on ground after expanding them
4. Made in India Solar Panels

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The foldable solar module is robust and durable and easy to carry after folding. The top film is fluoro ethylene derivative (ETFE) that offers solar glass like transmissivity with reliable performance and life in outdoor weather conditions. These Modules are constructed with multi layers materials offering semi flexibility and reliable encapsulation of the solar cells.
1. High Efficiency Monocrystalline Cells.
2. Portable and Foldable
3. Outstanding electrical performance in higher temperature and low irradiation.
4. Solar Panel is equipped with Eyelet on corners for easy mounting to backup or on bag fixed on back side of motorcycle
5. Rigid, Rugged, Durable And Watersplash Proof Surface
6. Eco-Friendly
7. Package Includes : 27W Solar Panel with 2 carabiner clips
Note : Available against order only. Lead time to dispatch – between 8 to 10 days

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 27.5 × 3.5 cm


Model no


Rated Power(Pmax)


Number of Folds

2 Folds

Inbuilt Stand



USB 3.0 QC (Orange Port) 3.6-12V 3A Max


USB 2.0 5V 2.0A

DC Output 1

3Mtr Wire + Round Male Pin 5.5 x 2.5mm

Cell Type

Mono Crystalline

Module Efficiency


Cell Efficiency


Voc - Open Circuit Voltage


V max - Voltage at Max Power


Isc - Short Circuit Current


I max - Current at Max Power


Panel Dimensions Folded

250 X 245 X 30 mm

Panel Dimensions Unfolded

820 X 245 X 5 mm


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