Solar Management Unit 12/24V 30A to convert existing inverter into solar inverter(SPSMU-1224)

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1. High Grade Edison LED’s with 120Lumen Output/Watt
2. Operating Voltage Range: 10V to 14.5V DC, Solar Charge Controller & Battery To be purchased/connected/added seperately

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  • High Efficient 30A PWM type Solar Controller with LCD display. Max Panel Size: 600W (for 12V) 1200W (for 24V).
  • Automatic selection for 12V or 24V Battery bus at time of installation.
  • PV Reverse Polarity Protection with LED indication. PV over-Current and Reverse-Current Protection.
  • Battery Reverse Polarity Protection, High and Low Voltage Protection.



  • Kit includes: Main unit, distribution board shown in pic1, inverter to distribution board link with 3 pin plugs on both side of link, battery cable to connect existing battery or batteries to SMU. SPSMU-1224 is a complete unit used for solar charging capability to existing domestic ups along with energy saving mode. If energy saving mode is on in that case when battery is fully charged and surplus solar power is available, the SMU transfers the load from mains grid to solar energy. If solar energy from PV panels is not sufficient to support the complete load, the balance energy will be drawn from battery storage. If battery reaches a preset threshold sue to high discharge, the SMU will transfer the load back to the grid. If energy saving mode is off then SMU will not transfer load on solar. It keeps the battery charged as well as solar and grid is available. refer attached specification sheet for electrical details. Pmax. 600w (for 12V) 1200w (for 24V), Imax. 30a, VOC: 25v (for 12V), 50v (for 24V) recommended settings for flooded lead acid batteries: bulk voltage: 15.2v, float voltage: 13.7v, energy saving: on, load reconnect voltage: 11.8v or 12.0v (actual settings depend on max voltage your battery is achieving through existing inverter).

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