Solar Mini UPS for 12V Devices, Wi-Fi Router and home lighting System with 12.8V 6Ah Lithium LFP battery(SPSHLS-310Li)

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  1. 12V DC Output, 2A Mains Charger.
  2. Battery Charging through Mains or Solar, Supplied with Mains Charger, 3Mtr Wire with DC Pin along with On/Off Switch & 6W 12V E27 LED Bulb.

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  • Keep Main Unit Always Connected to Mains to run it as Online UPS.
  • Approx. Back up time: 12 to 13 Hours for 1 Bulb, 5-6 Hours for 2 LED Bulbs, Charging Time using 230V to 12V DC Adapter: 6 Hours.
  • Charging Options: Mains Charging Using 230V AC to 12V DC Adapter, Solar Charging 12V/36 Cell solar panel up to 20W Only. DO NOT USE 24V/60Cell or 36V/72Cell Solar Panels, it will damage the unit.
  • Solar Charging or Mains Charging is Possible through a common charging port supplied on side of the unit. The Unit has a RED LED in front which shows ON Status.
  • Applications: Home Lighting, Mobile Charging, 12V Wi-fi Router/Modem UPS, Any 12V & 5V DC Device. Ideal for Vegetable Sellers, Street side Carts, Outdoor Camping in Tent, Security Cabins or in Small Hut.


Why just Go With Wi-Fi UPS, Go with SPARKEL SPSHLS-310Li Get more….

Package includes:

  1. Main Unit with 12.8V 6000mAh LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
  2. 1 pcs of High-Quality 5W E27 12V Operated LED Bulbs along with 3-meter cord with holder+switch+hook,6W 12V B22 bulb
  3. 230V to 12V Adapter for mains charging
  4. 5.5×2.1mm to 5.5×2.1mm Male Extension Cable, 5.5×2.1mm Female to 3.5 x 1.35mm Male Connector, 5.5×2.1mm Female to 5.5×2.5mm Male Adapter.


Uninterrupted Internet

Uninterrupted Entertainment

  • Uninterrupted Online Classes
  • Uninterrupted Group Video Calls
  • Uninterrupted Fun
  • Enjoy Work from Home Experience


Supports all types of 12V Wi-Fi Routers



Key Features

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 15.5 × 14 cm
Battery Type

12.8V 6Ah LiFePO4

Battery Size in Watthours


Battery Life Cycles

1500 Cycles or 3 Years*

Max Capacity (Load Output)

20 Watts

Output Voltage

5V & 12V DC

Conectors/Pins On Product

Charging In (Mains/Solar), 12V DC Out

Battery Charging Options

Mains & Solar

Rating of Mains Charger


RatingType of Solar Charger


Rating Type of Car Charger


Max Solar OCV


Max Solar Panel Watts


Solar Panel Type

12V or 36 Cell Only

USB Port

5V 1.5A

Bulbs Wattage

5 Watt E27 & 5 Watt B22


Charging & UPS/Output On

Always connected to Mains


Run Time

5 to 6 hours (both bulbs)


Battery Over Charge, Battery Low Voltage Disconnect

Bulb Cord Length

3 Mtr

Extra Features

Home Lighting, Mobile Charging, 12V Wifi Router/Modem UPS, Any 12V & 5V DC Device


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