Solar Portable Wall Mounted Home UPS With Pure sinewave 230V 300W AC Output Without battery(SPSHUPS-300)


1.230V AC Output, Works as Fixed UPS, Max. Solar Panel Size: 600W, 7A Mains Charger 2. External Battery Charging thorugh Mains & Solar. Compatible battery types: SMF/VRLA/AGM/LiFePO4


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SPARKEL Portable Wall Mounted Solar Computer Generator/ Computer UPS With Pure sinewave 230V 300W AC Output Without battery
  1. Keep Main Unit Always Connected to Mains to run it as Online UPS.
  2. Back up time: External Battery (Example 12.8V 36Ah: 3-4 hours for 100W Load, Like Ceiling fan + 2 Tube lights or Desktop Computer), User can connect up to 200Ah (Lead-acid/ Lithium NCM/LFP).
  3. Charging Options: Mains Charging Using Mains Power cord of Unit (7A Charger), Solar Charging use 12V/36 Cell solar panel for 12V System up to 600W or 24V/60Cell solar panel. DO NOT USE 36V/72Cell Solar Panels, it will damage the solar controller permanently. Charging of external battery is done using this unit.
  4. Indications: AC Load Power Analyzer, Digital Display for Solar and Battery (including Mains, Solar& Battery Current) Mains On, UPS On, Mains Charging On, Overload Buzzer. Protections: Battery Over Charge, Battery Low Voltage Disconnect. Extra features: Works like Wall mounted Online UPS with a transfer time of less than 4ms, Pure sinewave Output. MCB with Overload cut-off in Inverter & Mains Mode. Temperature-controlled fan, Overload Buzzer indications.
  5. Multiple Outlets: 2 x 230V AC 3-Pin Sockets, 1 x 12V DC 2-Pin Socket. Users can select the Battery type through the controller menu button. Applications: All Office & Household equipment including Desktop Computers Ceiling Fans, Television, etc. up to 300W.







Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 30 × 32 cm
Battery Type

Not Included, To Be Connected Externally

Battery Size in Watthours


Battery Life Cycles


Max Capacity (Load Output)

300 Watts

Output Voltage

220V AC Pure Sine Wave (Mains/UPS Mode)

Conectors/Pins On Product

Mains Cord, Solar In, External Battery Connector, 230V AC Sockets (2 Nos 3 Pin) 12V DC Socket 1 no

Battery Charging Options

Mains & Solar

Rating of Mains Charger


RatingType of Solar Charger


Rating Type of Car Charger


Max Solar OCV


Max Solar Panel Watts


Solar Panel Type

12V or 36 Cell Only (if required connect panels in parallel)

USB Port


Bulbs Wattage



AC Load Power Analyzer, Digital Display for Solar & Battery (including Mains, Solar & Battery Current), Mains On, UPS On, Mains Charging On, Overload Buzzer

Always connected to Mains


Run Time

12.8V 36Ah: 3 to 4 Hours (100W Load, like Ceiling Fan + 2 LED Tubelights or Desktop Computer)


Battery Over Charge, Battery Low Voltage, Overload Disconnect

Bulb Cord Length


Extra Features

Works like Wall Mounted Onlike UPS with Transfer Time of Less than 4ms, Pure Sine Wave Output. MCB with Overload cut off in Inverter & Mains Mode. Temperature Controlled Fan, Overload Buzzer Indication


All office & household Equipments including Desktop Computer, Ceiling Fan, Television etc upto 300 Watts


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