Semi Flexible RV Solar Panel 100W with monocrystalline solar cells (SPSP-100SP)

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1. Semi-flexible solar panels are sleek, glass-free, long-lasting & are made to adhere to nearly any surface.
2. These panels provide a charging option for high-capacity batteries.
3. Due to its ultra light weight, these are easier to fix on the roof without any heavy load.
4. Made in India Solar Panels


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The semi flexible solar module is light weight and flexible to fit the smooth curve of the roof. The top film is fluoro ethylene derivative (ETFE) that offers solar glass like transmissivity with reliable performance and life in outdoor weather conditions. These Modules are constructed with multi layers materials offering semi flexibility and reliable encapsulation of the solar cells.
1. High Efficiency Monocrystalline Cells.
2. Ultra-Thin & Light weight.
3. Outstanding electrical performance in higher temperature and low irradiation.
4. Rear Surface Suitable for pasting on the roof for easy fixing on boats, yachts, RVs and camper van, etc.,
5. Rigid, Waterproof Junction Box.
6. High performance Fluro Ethylene Top Film.
7. Package Include : 100W Solar Panel with 2 core, 1.5 sqmm, 4 mtr cable and Mounting Clips
Note : Available against order only. Lead time to dispatch – between 8 to 10 days

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 86.1 × 69 × 0.25 cm
Model no


Cell Type

Mono Crystalline

No of Cells


P max - Maximum Power Rating


I max - Current at Max Power

5.51 A

V max - Voltage at Max Power

18.18 V

Isc - Short Circuit Current

5.84 A

Voc - Open Circuit Voltage

21.44 V


2 Years Panel warranty. LIMITED PEAK POWER WARRANTY 1. 90% of minimum peak power at STC in 2 Years. 2. 85% of minimum peak power at STC in 5 Years.


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