Solar DC LED Semi-Integrated PC lens streetlight 12V 30W with Controller+PIR+18Ah LFP Battery(SPSPC-300SISPIR)

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1. High Grade Edison LED’s with 120Lumen Output/Watt
2. Operating Voltage Range: 10V to 14.5V DC, Streetlight is with PIR motion sensor & Solar Charge Controller & 12Ah LFP Battery

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  • Hi-lumen EDISON Led’s with 120 Lumen/Watt output along with copper PCB with a heat sink. The Wattage of Streetlight at 13.5V: 30W & at 12V: 15W. Lumen output when operating at 30Watts: 3600 Lumens. Lithium Battery size fitted inside cavity: 18Ah.
  • Package contents – 12V 30W Semi-Integrated Solar Streetlight (Inside Cavity: 10A Solar Charge Controller with Dimmer & PIR Motion Sensor along with 18Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack)
  • Fit Streetlight directly on a pole without any battery box or controller box, just put 80W to 100W Solar Panel on Pole & connect two wires from the solar panel directly to two wires coming out from streetlight cavity. Turn On Switch near PIR motion sensor (OFF in Transport Mode) only when the streetlight is mounted on pole & solar panel is connected to a streetlight. Streetlight will turn ON after sunset & turn OFF at sunrise (Dusk to Dawn Feature)
  • Application: Security and safety lighting, rural area lighting, Dock lights, Parking lot lighting, Parkway lighting, Walkway lighting, Street lighting, Transit Lighting, Outdoor area lighting, Military and civil security, and so on.
  • PIR Motion Sensor Functionality – Streetlight will turn on at 100% Intensity – if motion is not detected for next 40 sec–streetlight will go to 30% Intensity – if motion is detected, instantly it will go to 100% Intensity for next 40 sec. If a motion is redetected within 40 sec, it will start counting 40 sec from the last re-detection time & keep intensity 100% for the next 40 sec from that instance. Note:100% Intensity through the night will vary as battery voltage will start reducing from its peak voltage.





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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 17 × 10 cm
Model no


Input Power





Cast Iron

LED Brand


Reverse Polarity Protections


Waterproof Body


Alluminium Board for Heat Dissipation


Operated through


Lumens Output


Battery inside


Battery Ratings


Controller inside


PIR motion Sensor


Fix Dimmer



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